Swim Team Prep

Swim Team Prep: This is a 30 minute lesson to prepare the kids for the recreational swim team.

Qualifications: Must be able be to swim one length of the pool 

Summer Session: *8 week program* 

June 10th- August 2nd -NO PRACTICE July 4th 

Days: Monday, Wednesday

Time: 9-9:30am


  • GUEST: $160 *Plus $15 registration fee for each child
  • MEMBER:$140 *Plus $15 registration fee for each child


Recreational Swim Team


Sonnenalp Swim Club

Recreational Swim Team Program 

This is a flexible program designed for swimmers of all abilities who are learning to swim backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly. This program emphasizes skill progressions in the four above strokes, in addition to starts, turns, finishes, as well as goal setting, sportsmanship and leadership!

Qualifications for the program: 

*Our swimmers should be able to swim underwater in a streamline with a kick, one lengths (25 yard) rhythmic freestyle, and one lengths (25yards) fundamental backstroke. In this program we introduce butterfly kicks and breaststroke kick.

*Young swimmers must be comfortable in the water (without parent present for your swimmers)




The Sonnenalp Club

 1265 Berry Creek Road Edwards, CO 

Our Recreational Swim team is open to Members and Guests at this beautiful location. Sign up now!


Dates And Pricing

Summer Session: *8 week program*-choose 4 practices a week

 June 10th- August 2rd

- NO PRACTICE July 4th 

Practice AM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

Practice Time: 7:45-8:45 am 

Practice PM: Monday, Tuesday 

Practice Time: 5:00-6:00 pm 

*June 10-14 we will have pm practice Mon-Thurs

Cost:   $270 for MEMBERS*Plus $15 registration fee for each child 

             $315 for GUESTS*Plus $15 registration fee for each child